WOM Manager

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  • “ You would simply fall in love with her
    once you hear her talking on phone, she weighs her words right and ensures that only some precious ones are uttered out.”

    You will usually see guys in the office hanging around her to indulge in a conversation,
    but sadly many of them end up getting frowns

    She is one of those who have been a part of every decision that the company has taken right from its conception.

    Sonal has been responsible for building client relationships for past many years and we can proudly say that she has given out the deliverables beyond expectations !!

    She is the person who holds complete responsibility of establishing the repute of Brand Tadka in front of media, she knows how to deal with the media people and she does it so effortlessly.

    Sonal is a person who possesses a High Level of Enthusiasm and a detail Driven Mind, using both of these, she manages to deliver out her duties to the fullest.

    Education & Experience:

    Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication.

    10 years of experience in marketing and public communication.

    Excellent communication skills.

    Has the ability to comprehend precast tangible structures of the industry.

    Everyone is Always Excited to Speak with Her, Are you ?