Creative Artist

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  • “Taking in criticism constructively is a habit
    that makes a finished artist exceed in her work”

    For Brand Tadka : it’s an honor to have such a person in the team.

    It has been 3 years since Monica joined Brand Tadka as a creative artist and since then not even a single design of her has been rejected by the clients.

    From past 8 years, she has worked with several advertising agencies. The areas of expertise include Desktop Publishing, Logo Design, Creative Templates and Art Designing. .

    She is an artist who knows the skill to make anything look beyond beautiful and this is why she is a hit amongst the team.

    She is a Meticulous Graphic Designer who has all the balls in her volley to present you with something outstanding.

    Monica firmly believes that criticism is a tricky thing. As a designer, we must learn that when our work is under criticism there’s no need to take it personally. There’s no reason to get defensive and make up lame excuses. “ Be receptive and open-minded."

    Qualifications & Experience:

    Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Designing .

    Associate degree in computerized design and graphics production.

    Artist that stands out of the crowd with her
    unique approach towards craft and art !