Online Media Master

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  • "Thoroughly organized professional,
    even the pens placed on this desk are in symmetry!!"

    Energetic Person who impresses you by his media talents.

    He is an expert when it comes to SEO and SME and this has helped our clients to achieve top rankings within no time.

    He possesses a high degree of Energy and Enthusiasm that helps him keep going to quench the thirst for helping our clients establish their brands in the online arena.

    He knows how to prioritize tasks and this is the trait that helps Brand Tadka meet the deadlines (always)!!

    Abhimanu’s experience and a proven track record in SEO, CMS, SMO and PPC make him an ideal candidate to be at this position.

    Qualifications & Experience:

    Graduation Degree in Computer Applications.

    More than 7 years of experience as a SEO/SME Specialist.

    Versed with Webmaster Tools, Google Adwords and Google Adsense.

    "Not only helps our clients improve their
    search engine rankings & traffic"
    but “promises to manage their portfolio using ethical techniques."