Story Teller

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  • “Getting noticed is where branding begins,
    you need to make sure that you do this in a sustainable way
    using legit tools and techniques”

    Creative Persons who impress you by their writing skills!

    “Jyoti” and “Ravi” are the creative persons who know the Magic of Penning down the thoughts in an enticing manner.

    Their writing approach is both Narrative & Analytical , these are the trait that helps them come out with the content that compels a read from the reader. The level of focus that they have helps them to give out Desired Deliverables and that too without diluting the content quality.

    Researching, Data Gathering, Writing, Organizing, Editing and Proof Reading are the steps followed by Jyoti and Ravi, to come out with a draft.

    Redundancy and errors are what you are never going to find in the content written by them.

    Qualifications & Experience:

    Bachelor’s Degree in IT Management.

    More than 5 years of experience as a Content Developer.

    Versed with Microsoft Office Suite.

    “They both are Flexible and Artistic
    enough to give you the liberty to order edits and additions
    as they believe that this is a thing that is going to
    make clients stay happy."